Do you want to make a beautiful garden? It doesn't matter how big or small the space you have. You can  make a beautiful garden on the terrace, balcony or any open place. Terrace Garden Plants increase the quality of the air, which also improves the health of the people in your homes. It also acts as a natural air conditioner which also helps in our environment. Gardening also makes your terrace look beautiful and it also keeps our environment clean. It is not only an art but some people it also get stress free. It helps us to stay physical fit. When you have a lot of gardening to do, there must be something you can do to make your garden special. Below are some tips for turning your small space into a beautiful garden. 

              Tips for making small space into a beautiful garden:
1.Add flower or flowering plants

Plant flowers or flowering plants in your garden.Try to plant both annuals and perennial flowers like Mustard, watermelon, corn, lettuce wheat,Oxalis Triangularis,Geranium,Peace lily etc.Not only plant flowers, you can also plant herbs, vegetables and fruit plants too.Looking at your beautiful garden will also attract beneficial insects and clean up any pests for you.Planting flowers beautifies any space, all you have to do is choose a theme of the color of your choice.

2.Infuse with freshness and natural materials:

Use natural resources like bamboo, wood and stone.The easiest way to make a small yard look big and beautiful is to decorate it with the same color.Due to which the beauty of our garden will increase.If possible, use white color as white color gives a modern look.

3.Add Some Garden Art:

By using decorative materials, you can decorate your garden in a better way.If you decorate your garden with decorative material, then it shows your art eflects your character and, how much creative you are.If you have your own house then you can also decorate your wall by painting it.And if you are paying rent, then they can be decorated in a better way by
using decorative materials.By using decorative materials your garden also gives a beautiful and attractive look.
4.Use colourful Pots & Planters:

Using different types of pots and planters can make your home garden more beautiful. Many types of pots and planters are available. These are available in all types of shape, sizes, color and different materials. Use pots and planters as you like, whether you want to hang plants or keep them in pots or hang them on the wall. You can decorate your garden as you like using planters and pots

5.Use multi-functional edible herbs and flowers:

We should also plant herbs in garden. It not only makes our garden beautiful but also gives fresh ingredients for the kitchen. By using herbs we can add  flavour and color of any dishes or drinks whether sweet or savoury without adding fat, salt or sugars. Apart from taste and color, it also helps us to fight diseases and also helps in staying healthy.