Gardening is much more than a hobby or fun. In fact, there are many benefits of gardening which people enjoy very much. It doesn't matter whether you do gardening as your hobby or you do gardening with a professional level, enjoy the many benefits of gardening by digging in the dirt and taking care of your plants. If you’re not agree on the concept, then I’m going to change your mind with this article that how gardening benefits us.   
If you are thinking of doing gardening, then it does not matter that there should be a outdoor garden or a small herb garden in your home, Understanding the benefits of what you are doing is a great way to feel good and enjoy it more.                       
                                   Benefits of Gardening
1.Boost your mood:
Gardening not only enhances your respect level but also boost your mood. When you take time to go to work in your garden, then it makes you feel good. It can also make you less depressed and your anxiety can also be reduced. In 2011, one study looked at this benefit of gardening and took people who had been diagnosed with depression and had them participate in a 12-week-long gardening intervention. Afterward, researchers measured several aspects of their mental health, including depression symptoms, finding that all of them were significantly improved. They found that each participants had significantly improved.   

2.Gardening Boost Your Immune System:
Your body is more like a plant than you realize and your body is as capable of photosynthesis as they are. It is where plants need sunlight to make their food in the same way, our body also needs sunlight. We get vitamin D from sunlight. Depends on the color of your skin and how much your clothes are covered, researchers estimate that the sun can create around 8,000 to 50,000 international units of this vitamin. Vitamin D helps to boost your immune system, strengthens bones and it can also help lower your risk of developing multiple sclerosis,  prostate cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, and colorectal cancer.     

3.Gardening Builds Your Strength: 
We can also call gardening a type of exercise. It can be called exercise because it involves doing small tasks like cutting grass or ranking, dig, shovel, and chop wood which comes in the category of light or moderate exercise. By doing all these things, your muscles are exercised and it can help in building your strength.   

4.Gardening Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Attacks: 
One of the great benefit of gardening is that it can help reduce the risks of heart attack. When you go outside to gardening, and spend sometimes with plants, you forget anxiety and stress for a while. Doing this lowers your blood pressure. A research shows that people over 60 who participating in gardening are 30% less likely to suffering from a heart attack, in the same age group who don't garden.    

5.Gardening Burns a High Amount of Calories: 
Gardening is considered a moderate level exercise especially when if you have a big garden and it has perennial vegetables. According to the Centers for Disease Control, you can burn up to 330 calories for every hour you do garden work.