Pollution is the well known topic for all of us. Pollution has become the serious problem not for us but for the whole world. Pollution can be defined as the mixing of unfavourable substances to our environment. These mixing of unfavurable substances make our environment not suitable for us to live. These harmful substances are known as Pollutants. These pollutants are present in different forms in our environment. The mixing of these pollutants to our environment directly effects the life of humans, plants and other living creatures. The natural imbalance arises from the pollution

We cannot imagine how pollution affects our life. We cannot realize its presence in our environment. Sometimes we can see its presence in the environment but sometimes it can't be seen by our naked eyes. Pollution is present everywhere in our environment like in water, air, soil etc. The presence of pollutants in air increases the level of some harmful gases that lead to many big problems like global warming, acid rain, decrement in soil fertility etc.
     Further, the wastage that came out from the industries lead to water pollution. The waste materials from the industries directly thrown into the water, makes the water not fit for drinking. Sometimes waste is dumped on the land leads the lack of fertility in the soil and makes the soil toxic. Because of this our land is becoming barren. We should take some immediate steps to control the pollution. Our government has start some steps to control pollution like Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Namami Gange etc .Now its the high time that we should also start taking care of our environment and make the environment suitable for us. 
There are 4 major ypes of pollution.
1) Air Pollution
2) Water Pollution
3) Soil Pollution
4) Noise Pollution

Air Pollution:

As we all know air is very important for all living bodies. Without air we cannot imagine our life for a single minute. Due to increase in industries many poisonous gases coming out and mixes in our environment and makes the air toxic. These poisonous gases have a very bad effects on our lungs and leads to many respiratory and heart problems. Burning of fossil fuels makes the air polluted. Some more reasons of air pollution are transportation ,wildfires, burning of waste in open area and many more. We should do some steps to reduce air pollution. To improve the quality of air we can do reforestation. In this we have to plant more and more trees so that they can filter the air and provide us the correct amount of oxygen. We can also use some eco-friendly fuel like LPG, CNG and many more to reduce the harmful gases.  

2)Water Pollution: 

Water is the another important source of life for all living bodies. Our body is made up of 70% of water. We use water for many purpose like drinking, cooking, bathing, etc. but nowadays the water is getting polluted by our some careless activities. Many industries dumped their waste in water bodies like pond, lake, etc without treating it this results water pollution. Some people bath their cattle in water bodies it also pollutes the water. We have to save water from pollution. Wev must have to clean water for drinking. If everyone will follow their responsibility to clean water then it will become easy to get clean and healthy water for drinking and other purposes and also we can have clean water for our future generation.

3)Soil Pollution: 

Soil is also important for us. We depend on soil for our food. But due to industrialization and increase in pollution soil becomes polluted. The regular and excessive use of fertilizers, chemical pesticides decreases the natural fertility of soil. When we consume the food from polluted soil we may have many diseases. So, we should use natural manure, organic fertilizers to control soil pollution. We should also recycle the waste before disposal.

4)Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution increases when the level of sound increases to normal level. When the sound increases it becomes dangerous. The cause of noise pollution is industries. As the industries use big fans, exhaust fans, big generators etc. They produce a lot of noise which is harmful for our environment. Some functions like marriages, parties, birthday parties, religious functions in temples, halls etc. creates noise in residential areas. To prevent this we should avoid needless honking. Some rules should be made to avoid noise in residential areas.